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A United Front

Uniting Faiths in Love

We find that division among faiths is counterproductive, distracting, and ultimately misses the essence of our shared spiritual journey. A United Front extends a warm invitation to individuals and organizations who acknowledge a higher power to come together in pursuit of peace. Regardless of your spiritual, doctrinal, or personal beliefs, you are invited to join us in this endeavor.

Signing the Invitation

We invite anyone who aligns with this simple idea to join us in spirit by signing this invitation. Your email will simply register you as a part of the movement, and you can choose to which degree you want to be notified of additional activity and content. When you sign the invitation, you simply join a community of individuals who are seeking to incite peace and end division among individuals and organizations who believe in a higher power.

A United Front

Last Updated: July 13, 2023

A United Front is a coalition of individuals and organizations who recognize that faith in a higher power is a fundamental necessity of life. A United Front is indifferent to religion, denomination, affiliation, doctrine or preference.

In a state of the world which often prioritizes division over unity, this initiative instead offers ways to engage in peaceful relations with one another. The Front promises to maintain a zero-obligation relationship with participants (be that financial, material, or participatory).

By signing into A United Front, you are simply agreeing that you identify and commit to the spirit of peace through agape love with fellow faithful individuals and organizations.

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The Great News

Yeshua lived, died, rose and returned.
YAHAVA reconciled the whole world to himself.
In this, religion is fulfilled and we are free.

A United Front is a participating channel on The Great News Network.
The Great News Network provides sincere and contextual knowledge of YAHAVA (God) and His Word, bridging the gap left by failing religious institutions and faltering theological justifications.
Our phrase ‘The Great News’ contrasts with ‘The Good News,’ emphasizing the end of the era of fear-driven coercion, punishment, law, religion, dogma, and authority.
Through meticulous research of biblical text and its secular histories, we find that God has allowed ad continues to allow individuals to freely pursue or not pursue Him. We offer this knowledge for your consideration and implementation on your personal journey.
The Great News Network is a unity of organizations, or “Channels”. Each channel offers content within a wide range of complexity. From beginner level deconstruction to advanced supportive rebuilding, The Great News Network can meet you where you are at to support your journey. All learning materials and content are free, have been created with the intent to increase agape love in believers and in the world.