A United Front extends a warm invitation to individuals and organizations who acknowledge a higher power to come together in pursuit of peace. Regardless of your spiritual, doctrinal, or personal beliefs, you are invited to join us in this endeavor.

We believe that division among faiths is counterproductive, distracting, and ultimately misses the essence of our shared spiritual journey.

We aim to repair that.

A United Front places peace at the forefront of all faiths. Our objectives are grounded in the recognition that our connection with God is ever-evolving and deeply impacted by our life experiences. With this awareness, it becomes vital for us to demonstrate patience, humility, and enduring compassion towards others in their unique spiritual journeys. We aim to embrace diverse viewpoints with open minds and hearts. If you resonate with this vision, we would love to hear from you! You're warmly encouraged to join our community and play a role in fostering this mindset in others too.